How a ‘Facebook Slap’ will DOUBLE our growth!

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I had some interesting experiences this last weekend…

…first, I decided to hop on a plane, last minute, and hang out with some of my pals at a conference in Orlando.

While I was there, I heard a guy speaking, Larry Thompson – who has made several hundred million dollars in commissions as a rep, anda consultant to MLM companies.


What interested me about what he said, though, wasn’t his training.


To be honest, what he told us to do was brutal – and if I don’t lie to myself, I know I wouldn’t do, even if I was poor again, and lived in a van – not because it wouldn’t work, truth be told…


…it works amazingly well.


I’m just over doing stuff I don’t want to do. There are plenty of ways of doing this that I enjoy.


It wasn’t WHAT he trained, though, it was ONE THING that he said that I found powerful.


He told a story about Herbalife, and how they hit a billion dollars in sales in five years.


Then the government came in.


Larry had 100,000 downline quit in 7 days.


Did he quit?




Larry isn’t a damned wussy.


Most people think that Herbalife had their success because of what they did in their FIRST five years…


…not the case.


AFTER they defeated the regulators, sued the FDA, and cleared their name of nonsense – the NEXT five years are what created the MONSTER that does $5 billion in sales a year today.


See – when you’re FORCED into a corner, you have to unleash a certain kind of energy, a kind of creativity to overcome problems, that SAME ENERGY is the energy and power that creates all victory, all success, all REAL progress.


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When Herbalife BOUNCED BACK after a fight that lasted five years…


…they EXPLODED in size.


The critics were silenced.


The MASSES created victory.


They became legendary.




…YOUR VICTORY will be created as you bounce back from pain.


When you get up…


…swinging in the 5th round, on the count of nine – face bloody, and by the power of your will – you rise like John Galt, and defeat your enemies.


It reminded me of when the banks shut us down.


When we came back – our growth doubled.




Our critics were silenced.


Their wussiness no longer had a place in our prospect’s minds.


Then, after the weekend, as I was thinking about our stories of victory over struggle – something hilarious happened:


Facebook slapped our whole domain.




This time – I laughed.


If the king of social media thinks they can silence a social epidemic…


…and ARMY of people creating victory – sharing their heart, and their story…


…they’re wrong 🙂


Like the banks were wrong.


Like the critics were wrong.


The next day, SLAPPED from Facebook, not able to even like a page – 32 people made over $1,000.


And you watch:


Not only will they restore us…


…this stupidity will double our company.


It will double the incomes.


It will DOUBLE the signups.


Because I had an idea – because of it, that is going to change the game…




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It’s time to stand up against giant conglomerates – that take away the voice of the people.


This is not about a company – this is not about a vision – this is about DECLARING your freedom to the world.


How did we create 18 new six figure income earners in 31 days last month?


Because an army of people saw this.


And decided to get ‘all in’.


Are you with us?


Let’s lock arms…


…and FIGHT the forces of EVIL.


-David Wood

“The Facebook Slayer”


P.S. Dumbass things like this, are the

reason that Facebook just had their stock

fall by 50%, and their being sued by thousands

of investors.


Facebook was cool – because it let you speak

your mind.


Your voice matters – here, like always.


It’s time to decide.


It’s time to take action.


Let’s rock.

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