How to Earn $20,000 a Month With Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing has no limits

Today I am going to discuss income, the perception of income and limitations, as well as of course most importantly, how-to or a plan.

Simply put, it is not that difficult to earn 10-20 thousand monthly with Internet Marketing, rather it is easy if you are willing to devote the time (couple of hours a day) and energy and most importantly follow a plan.

Of course there are no shortage of plans out there, and this one, which works for me is just one simple example:

A) Find companies that sell a high value product or service who are offering or willing to negotiate a $150-$650 Commission Per Sale/Acquisition (CPA) . I strongly recommend a company called Empower Network because to earn with them you really do not need to much, they do all the work, you simply need to refer your visitors. My advice is just sign up now, and get in. There is no easier way to make money with Internet Marketing.

B) Make a total of 40 personal, commission qualified sales per month and support your Internet Marketing team members do the same.

Diversify – Diversify – Diversify.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a strong advocate of diversification. I am a true believer that diversification protects us from risk and fluctuation in your Internet Marketing income.

We can all agree that you wouldn’t want to put all your money into any ONE stock, or bond so as to protect yourself from a market crash, etc. So why should you put all your opportunities for revenue with only one company or internet marketing program? The answer – YOU SHOULDN’T!

There are a variety of locations to find strong internet marketing programs in niches/industries that suit your taste. Commission Junction, ClickBank are just 2 that come to mind. I suggest finding 8 or 9 companies in complementing industries to begin your internet marketing portfolio, as I stated before I am extremely fond of a variety of programs. I have some excellent internet marketing programs that work well for me, so feel free to contact me directly if you want to learn about those specific ones I earn from and work directly with me.

The secret now is to make sure the internet marketing programs you decide to join allow you to earn $150-$650 per sale. That may sound like a lot, but there are truly a myriad of in demand items, products and services in internet marketing that offer such commissions (CPA), again I have some that work well for me, so feel free to contact me directly if you want to learn about those specific ones I earn from.

As I stated before, make sure you work with multiple companies.

OK, so the big question is how to make 40 commission qualified sales per month.

Let’s assume that if you’re reading this, you already are doing some internet marketing and/or have a website or blog. That site has 5 pages and 5 incoming links pointing to it, and you are already getting some clicks for example with adsense advertising. I know what you are thinking now…..”Ya, sure I am getting clicks with adsense, but all I am earning is pennies per click”. Well my friends that is the entire point of this article. Why limit yourself to earning an arbitrary percentage with adsense alone, when you can add $150-$650 per qualified sale with no extra effort!

OK, lets carry on, as I said before to make 40 commission qualified sales a month you need 2 commission qualified sales per day.

Let’s assume that at this moment in time you’re getting 500 google adsense clicks per page in your web site monthly or another way to look at it is that you are getting 100 adsense clicks per incoming link per page per month. So in order to get 100 clicks per month, grow your site by 2 pages, and get another 2 incoming links. Obviously the numbers can vary, but you get the general idea.

Now I know you are thinking, but that sounds just too easy. Well it is just that easy.

Remember, what you earn in your internet marketing business is a direct result of how many quality, content rich pages your web site has, combined with how many incoming links those pages have. So, if you want to make more money……..create more content rich, quality pages. I cannot emphasize enough the “content rich” part of my statement. Pages in a website which are content rich, are pages other webmasters WANT to link to. This makes your job of getting incoming links much easier.

I hope everyone found this interesting. Apply it and watch your internet marketing profits grow!

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