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Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Marketers

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Powerful Tips for the Newbie Internet Marketers

For the newbie Internet Internet Marketers, here are a few of the most powerful unwritten rules that may well prevent you from ‘going off a cliff’. Make a point of reading through them periodically and keep your eyes on the prize


First and foremost, let’s look at the advantages of creating and building an online income. Our place of business is open 24/7/365 so we can work when we want and for as long as we want. Many of our regular duties can be run on auto-pilot leaving us with more time for family, social and leisure activities. This situation offers a less stressful working environment, and to a certain extent we are in control of your own rewards. That said, you have to look it as you would any business, which, in order to be successful, requires commitment and a positive attitude right out of the gate. Like any business it can take time to earn money and a profit.


It is important to focus on your business to achieve success especially early in your Internet Marketing career. This can all be achieved as a ‘part-time’ activity. Don’t ‘fire your boss’ until you have created some consistent income and the confidence in your ability to maintain this regular income. There of course is a lot to learn but, trust me, if you’re focused, it will be worth the effort.

Be Organized

Be organized! Keep all your business activities logged and documents filed in the correct folders. Check your email accounts at least several times daily and respond as promptly as possible. Remember this is your business and service and professionalism are extremely important parts of achieving success and being taken seriously.

Mind your manners

Stick to the basic etiquette of Internet Marketing. Never send out high volume unsolicited email (spam). It won’t be worth the hassle believe me! Read the Terms and conditions section when you join a program and if you decide to sign up, make sure you adhere to those terms. You will make great contacts during your Internet Marketing career. Never ‘tread on others’ (Karma)

So that’s it! A collection of simple tips which, if applied, will serve to make your Internet Marketing career more profitable and enjoyable.

Follow the leader

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Follow the leader

You’ve probably heard the old saying that goes something like “If you want success, do the things the successful people do and repeat”.

This isn’t brain surgery…

If you and Donald Trump both had the same investment advisor and both of you made the exact same investments I’m sure you’d agree that you would make a shitload of money within a few years.

While I am no Donald Trump, anyone who knows me knows I’ve made a few million bucks over the years online and I’ve just added a new income stream to my online portfolio.

I sincerely hope you’d want to know what that new income stream is, and that you’d want to jump in too.

Well, here’s that business:

Now, a couple of words of advice:

  1. You’ll literally be SHOCKED at how much money you can make.
  2. Because there’s so much earning potential, you’ll think it’s a scam of some sort. Rest assured it’s not.
  3. You might think this means I’m giving up on my other businesses…for the moment nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they work very well together. This works to boost any business!

Just go here now and check this opportunity out….it’s only a few months old and it’s already proven to be an Instant Online Sensation.

As you may already know, I have always been committed to bringing the best, easiest, and most-profitable ways to earn money online to those who follow me.

So here it is…

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Yours in prosperity,

– Ron

How to create leads out of thin air

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Leads are the life blood of any business. Without leads you do not have customers and without customers there is no business.

So why is it difficult to generate leads?

Actually it isn’t difficult at all. In fact I can show you how to create leads out of thin air.  However, that is a common belief because over the years home based businesses and direct sales businesses have gotten a bit of a bad rap because of a variety of factors. Friends and family being hounded to buy products, garages full of pills, potions, water filters and the like.

In today’s world if you work in a home based business or direct sales business you have to eliminate those problems to ensure you can achieve the money and freedom possible with such a business. Historically many people do not achieve a high level of success for the simple reason that they lack the tools and training. So making sure you have the right systems in place dramatically increases your chances of success.

Systemized and automated lead generation is the way to do it

There are 2 big benefits of Systemized and Automated lead generation:

1. It gets you away from approaching your friends and relatives. If you have been in more than one Home Based Business or MLM business over the years you may have already approached them and used up your credibility when you were unsuccessful.

2. Automated lead generation is method that can be duplicated to build your business that you can pass on to your team. Any successful home based business or network marketing business owner will tell you that the main component of success is duplication. Anyone can create leads out of thin air through the internet using a blog and with the use of an autoresponder these leads can be cultivated in loyal customers or team members.

Now that you understand the importance of lead generation and automated systems, let’s take a look at why you do not want to buy lead lists.

1. You never know many times the leads have been sold? Many MLM lead companies sell their leads over and over. You will be contacting a prospect that has already been marketed to hundreds of times. Typically, you would want to have leads that are exclusively yours, which is why it is better to create leads.

2. How old are the leads? Would you rather contact a prospect that has expressed an interest in the past 48 hours or in the past 48 days? Being able to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, is a great benefit of a fresh MLM leads. Another excellent example of why you would want to create your own leads instead of buying lead lists.

If you want Home Based Business Leads or Network Marketing Leads you can learn to create leads out of thin air.

This leaked video exposes exactly how.

Stop struggling in your business and start earning!

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So, what is the Empower Network

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OK, so I am getting so many emails, facebook messages, chats, skypes etc every day asking me what exactly is this Empower Network thing that I am involved with, so I thought I would make this post to address those questions.

Some people refer to empower network as a full-fledged marketing system while others referred to it as another MLM.

The truth is, those who really understand it would refer to The Empower Network as a turn key viral blogging and extraordinary lead building, income generating totally BAD ASS system that teaches and empowers members to build their businesses.

Earn Now

Regardless of how you see it, you can actually use this system to turn your online business into something supernatural. Aside from using the system to generate leads and/or income the products themselves are so valuable if you are in business online that I firmly believe they are a MUST HAVE in your arsenal of weapons!

Add to that, you get paid 100% commission for helping others take advantage of the tools and trainings at Empower Network’s which of course are the formula products.

Earn Now

The empower Network was officially launched on 31st October, 2011 by the Internet marketing Guru- David Wood in partnership with his friend- David Sharpe. One of the greatest features of the Empower Network is that you are actually putting the best online marketers together to work for you.

The truth is there is no one better to explain the Empower Network to you than my sponsor in Empower, David Wood himself. You owe it to yourself to take 29 minutes to watch this video and discover yourself just what this simple, turn key system can do to change your perception, business and life!

Check out the free video here by clicking THIS LINK and entering your email

Yours in Prosperity



Blogging As A Viable Home Based Business

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The term blogging may not have been a common word in the urban dictionary about two decades back but it is something that almost everyone in the developed world is aware of today. While at the onset, blogging may be considered to be a pretty fun activity, it can become a serious home based business for almost anyone who has the gift of the gab and a penchant for words.

Home based business has been around since time immemorial and towards the late 1990s it had become some sort of a trend. Over the last 3 years, home based business has become a compulsion for innumerable people. With the job scenarios being far from being in the green and the economies of the world still struggling to find a foothold towards a healthier growth in the GDP, home based business or rather blogging can become a lucrative opportunity for many.

The reason why blogging can become a viable home based business is because of the influence and dominance that social media has in these times. Almost everything that goes around and comes around is happening online. The virtual world has predominantly become the reality. We search for leads online, check out advertisements online, read online newspapers and magazines, buy and sell almost everything online. At such a time, blogging has become hugely diverse. In its earliest days, blogging was more about sharing your personal opinions and takes on certain issues or simply uploading an essay that one has written to be shared with friends and curious internet users. Today, blogging encapsulates almost everything that we know.

Whether we look at alternate medicines, health programs, tips on the latest cars and laptops and even news, everything has come under the facets of blogging. Social media is itself a domain where blogging is extensively involved at various stages. All that still could not have made blogging a home based business had there been no ad revenue or pay per click programs or in short, ways to earn revenue.

Blogging is not just a fun exercise any longer and it is also not someone’s preferential account of a current affair event or a political turmoil. The scope of blogging surpasses all and transcends territorial boundaries. The outreach of blogging and social media collectively has made it a lucrative and highly viable home based business. If you have what it takes to be a writer or have extensive knowledge in some domain, plumbing or applied physics, blogging can be a great idea.