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Home Based Business in America

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Home Based Business In America

According to MSN Money Entrepreneurship Starts at Home

The idea of waking up, putting on slippers and walking down the hall to “work” sounds appealing to a lot of people. But it’s not the main reason more than half of the nation’s businesses call home their office.

The contestants in StartupNation’s 2010 Home-Based 100 competition demonstrate once again that in today’s economic environment, homes serve as staging grounds for many an entrepreneurial dream. They nurture bold ideas and innovation.

An excellent info-graphic outlining a variety of statistics about Home Based Businesses in America may be found below.

Home Business In America

Source: MSNBC


Goldman Sachs rules the world and NOT the Governments

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You’ll never see this guy on CNBC. He left the BBC speechless this morning with his candor about what’s going to happen in this economy.

USA finally admits it is officially in a recession

02nd Dec 2008Business News, Online Income, , ,

The National Bureau of Economic Research has finally admitted what the rest of the world has already known for at least 18 months: The U.S.A. economy is in a full blown recession.

The big question on everyones minds is what this “economic downturn” as the press has preferred to refer to it as, is likely to hold in store for the average American.

Historically speaking the shortest postwar recession lasted 6 months and the longest 16 months. So at this moment economists and forecasters are busy trying to pinpoint the “start” of this recession so as to map its length and compare it to historical data.

Assuming the worst, that this recession will be the longest in the postwar era and last 18 or 20 months, and what this means is more job cuts on the horizon, as well as a continued slump in housing, which as we all know seems to affect everything else in modern day life.

There has never been a better time to consider your strategies for dealing with money, finance, your future and of course retirement. Portfolios have been suffering tremendous losses, home values have plummetted erasing equity built up in real estate holdings. Investor confidence has been shaken both domestically in the U.S.A. as well as abroad.

In any case those with sound plans in place recognize this as a time of opportunity. Opportunities abound in business, bargain investments and bargain real estate.

Take advantage of these opportunities and protect your future.